That’s what we call in German people like those charity guys calling for a “healthy Halloween” without chocolate bars and sweets

And though the food ideas they present do not sound that bad to me, I want to see the six-year old who jumps up and down at the idea of having

Celery claws – Celery sticks frayed at end and beetroot and yoghurt dip
Eyeball eggs – chopped boiled eggs, avocado homous, black olives and tomato sauce

instead of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.
* killjoy/spoilsport, rabat-joie


2 responses to “Spielverderber*

  1. I saw lychee eyeballs at a Halloween thing in Gent. I thought it was a cool/healthy trick or treat idea.

    • At the party I went to, we had those disgusting looking but delicious grapes filed with raisines in raspberry sauce and I perfectly get your point of view.
      I just think that we should leave the kids the fun to subsist on chocolate alone for this one day in a year. It’s enough to bother them the remaining 364 days with “healthy food”.

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