Usually, there are these two to three weeks in Autumn which are simply gorgeous. The leaves showing all possible shades of yellow, gold, red and brown; colours of the city changing with the light…

Il fait beau, n'est-ce pas?

Everybody is enjoying the sunshine. Even more than in summer because these might well be the last few sunny days before rain and grey will dominate the next months.

Les Tuilleries

It’s the perfect moment to visit le musée d’Orsay or l’Orangerie with the many impressionist and expressionist paintings

Looking through the window

or to hang out in the gardens admiring trees defying gravity

Gravity is no issue

and wonder why middle-aged man wearing suits and walking strangely are not allowed to go on the lawn while everybody else may have fun.

No weirdos on my lawn

But then again, there are stranger things to see

Silvery something I

Silvery something II

Silvery something III

and finally one of the most impressive towers in the world to marvel at.

Eifel tower at its best


2 responses to “Impressions

  1. pas mal…
    Des photos qui font rêver!
    J’aime bien ta nouvelle bannière aussi!

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