More swine flu arguments

As Lydia wisely commented & Jon Steward pointed out: it is strange that it is the people who think that the government is completely inept are also the people who think it is capable of vast and complex deceptive machinations.

Hence, more time spend on the Daily Show website than it is actually good for my work but here’s the result:

What Jon Steward at the Daily Show think

It’s of course even more fun watching the show itself. Swine flu content as of minute 3:35.


8 responses to “More swine flu arguments

  1. That segment made me laugh. Wise, cranky, and humorous. One of my favourite Americans 🙂

  2. I absolutely agree! Thanks pointing in the right direction 😀

  3. Is the vaccine a deadly poison aiming to kill us? And more importantly, there will be enough for everybody??


  4. I actually got the shot at work, and I’m still alive, everybody at work still is…

  5. I already got the shot on the 15th, does that work for you?

  6. Absolutely! Danke schön!

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