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Went to see Inglourious Bastards with a friend last night. The critics I had heard reached from “have to see it” to “no way” and our opinions didn’t match either. “Worst deception ever” and “Trash” were the comments of my friend. Admittedly, it is trash – totally exaggerated, political and historical incorrect, bloody Tarantino fairy tale trash…

I had a good evening.


Before I leave Belgium*

A few things I have to do:

  • Go swimming in the oldest and most beautiful swimming pool in Brussels Oldest for sure, most beautiful not so sure. I’d probably need to see others for comparison. Well, maybe I don’t.
  • Take a photo of Brussels from the Atomium
  • Going to the theater in Brussels (Update February 2010)
  • Visit Brain-le-Chateau because I’ve been told to do so by a friend
  • See the blue bells in the Hallerbos
  • Go and see the tulips in the Keukenhof
  • Tick-off the little box behind “Magritte Museum” (Update January 2010)
  • Visit Den Hague, Utrecht, Mons and Leuven

* Not that I’m planning to do so anytime soon. But it feels good to make a tick-off list just in case.

Will there ever be a day without an update for Windows Vista?

Or: Where please can I get my money back?

Keep on searching

I still don’t know if there is a deeper meaning in life but I’m sure there is a deeper irony.

I wonder if I can get one

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “I wonder if I can get one“, posted with vodpod

It’s a new species of rats discovered in a remote volcano. It’s cute…

Full, serious story over at the BBC.


When I had my first bière et fromage here in Belgium and saw the mustard arriving along with the cheese, all I could think was “you got to be kidding me”. Mustard with cheese – no way! Even the English wouldn’t do this, would they? It’s a sacrilège.


Curious as I am, I had to try it nevertheless and have to admit by now that not only the mustard is a must but that celery salt also goes very well with Gouda and other cheeses. How times and tastes can change; not to mention culinary traditions.

Le bonheur est bleu


Faut pas l’oublier les prochains 7 mois…