Photo curse

Why is it that so many people can’t any longer enjoy a concert, respect sacred buildings or value a painting? Why is it that  hundreds of people take their cameras out and take, with flash though it clearly isn’t allowed, picture over picture. Most of them thoughtless ones. Why not just looking, enjoying, watching what is going on? Why this need to fix everything on polaroid pixels? Why this need to prove we were there? And to who: ourselves, our friends and families? Would they doubt us if we hadn’t a prove? Why is it so hard to simply enjoy the moment?

Not that I have any answers to those questions but I keep on wondering.


2 responses to “Photo curse

  1. As someone whose making thousands of thoughtless pictures of sacred places, paintings or buildings I somehow feel offended… 🙂

  2. You should only feel offended if you are unable to enjoy a sacred place, building or painting without putting a camera between yourself and whatever it is.

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