Went to see Inglourious Bastards with a friend last night. The critics I had heard reached from “have to see it” to “no way” and our opinions didn’t match either. “Worst deception ever” and “Trash” were the comments of my friend. Admittedly, it is trash – totally exaggerated, political and historical incorrect, bloody Tarantino fairy tale trash…

I had a good evening.


5 responses to “Trash

  1. I find this very encouraging.

  2. This is a great FILM, it has evrything a great film needs, lots of blood, germans, jews, and hitler. Great film how is life in brussels these days


    ur favourite english

  3. @ Maik: 😀

    @ Kam: You are so English; if you looked up the word “English” in a dictonary… Anyway, life in brussels is good. Hope my favourite English is doing fine too.

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