Before I leave Belgium*

A few things I have to do:

  • Go swimming in the oldest and most beautiful swimming pool in Brussels Oldest for sure, most beautiful not so sure. I’d probably need to see others for comparison. Well, maybe I don’t.
  • Take a photo of Brussels from the Atomium
  • Going to the theater in Brussels (Update February 2010)
  • Visit Brain-le-Chateau because I’ve been told to do so by a friend
  • See the blue bells in the Hallerbos
  • Go and see the tulips in the Keukenhof
  • Tick-off the little box behind “Magritte Museum” (Update January 2010)
  • Visit Den Hague, Utrecht, Mons and Leuven

* Not that I’m planning to do so anytime soon. But it feels good to make a tick-off list just in case.


10 responses to “Before I leave Belgium*

  1. I’m just wondering about the impossibility to visit Keukenhof, Den Haag and Utrecht BEFORE you leave Belgium… 🙂 Just nitpicking… And for Hallerbos I have to make some publicity for Belgieninfo:

  2. You know what I mean but thanks for the article!

  3. I was faster than you in ticking off my list. I still have a very special souvenir of the doudou in 2007.

  4. Do you prefer to call it ducasse? Or is your planning for a trip to Mons still in a very early stage?

  5. Have you got to the tulips in the Keukenhof yet? The gardens opened last week. Happy travels!

  6. Any time in April should be good for the tulips. I read that someone went there last week and lots of the bulbs were not yet in full bloom. The Keukenhof is open in May too, but by then some of the flowering is finished. It’s still always beautiful, so enjoy it anyway! Richard

  7. That’s good to know. I was looking at May… I will reschedule my agenda 🙂 Many thanks!

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