Small advice

For: Cinema advertisers, notably Sprite; Coke, Evian and Aquarius.

Reg.: Waste of money and frustration of potential consumers

Why: All of the above ads have the same idea. A melting hot day, sun burning down and the desperate need for refreshment. Some of them mix sport to the whole thing but all the spots are obviously generic. The very same spots for France, Germany, UK, Norway, Belgium, Spain, etc.

Problem: Summers in Belgium are not melting hot, sun burning down, etc. Sometimes, occasionally one day is like this. But that’s it. I wish we had the kind of summer shown in the ads but we don’t. Ergo, I’m frustrated. On top of that, the spots are not very original, at the end; one looks like copied from the other.

Before I have an orange juice, here another reason why Coke is cooler than Pepsi.


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