Voy a aprender español

After opting for Dutch two years ago, the time passed like crazy has come to chose Spanish. Let’s see how far my motivation will carry me this time because just like Dutch; Spanish is not a language you need in Brussels. Actually, not even French is indispensable; only English is.

Pero no pasa nada porque español es una idioma hermosa et me gusto mucho aprenderlo.

Big advantage: there is more than one country, generally with a warmer and sunnier climat ,where I can go and practice.


13 responses to “Voy a aprender español

  1. I agree that Spanish is un idioma hermoso (the word is derived from the Greek).

  2. There’s more than one country, and there’s more than one Spanish language. Or at least, words change interestingly from country to country. Si necesitas ayuda, dame un silbidito.

  3. @ Heinz: Tell me more; will you?

    @ Zeta: I know; I know. If you had learned French you would have realised that there are some differences between France and Belgium. Not to mention France and Quebec. Gracias para la oferta 🙂

  4. Well there is more than one country where you actually can speak Dutch…

    • Let me put this right: Considering that I’m living in Belgium – one country where Dutch is spoken; there is only one other country I can got to. That’s what I meant but I’m happy to learn more: Where else is Dutch spoken?

  5. Belgium, Suriname, and the three parts of the Dutch Kingdom: The Netherlands, Aruba, and the Dutch Antilles. By the way comparison with Spanish: within Europe only it’s 35 mio. Spanish speakers, but also already 23 mio. Dutch speakers. Not a big difference.

  6. I’m sure 13 more million Spanish speakers are going to disagree with you on the difference. But Dutch Antilles sounds like a nice and sunny place to go.

  7. This makes a few millions more: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Dominican Republic, …

  8. @ Zeta: 13 million within Europe. I wouldn’t even dare to question that Spanish is more dominant on a global level.

  9. give this site a try and tell us if it’s worth it aprendespanol.com

    • Gracias! I had a look in la revista; it seems kind of nice but it’s difficult to judge as the pdf doesn’t allow a zoom in.
      I’m also wondering if I have to pay anything to get it / read it properly… A bit more information would be helpful.

      • The revista is totally free, the only thing is that you have to print it yourself (or use it directly on the pc). If it doesn’t allow you to zoom it’s maybe because you are using it directly from the web site. Try saving it to your hard disk and opening it with acrobat reader. For me it’s working fine…

      • Thanks for coming back! I saved the revista and indeed, as pdf I can zoom in.

        On the website, it would probably help to repeat under the ‘condiciones de uso’ that the revista is free. I found those terms quite confusing.

        Gracias de nuevo 🙂

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