Ein Häufchen Elend*

was what I found yesterday after a windy rain storm: a young swallow. Wet to the bones it was sitting the middle of the street, scared but not resisting when I picked it up. I didn’t have the heart to let nature take its course; i.e. the next cat coming by, and took it home. After drying it in a box and feeding it with some minced meat, it looked already much more confident.

Once dried and fed, the best and final decision was to take this handfull of life back to the spot where I had found it but putting it as high up as possible. Usually swallows continue feading their hatchlings after they leave the nest and this little fellow was almost ready to fly by itself.

This afternoon it was gone. I want to believe that these are good news.

*A little bunch of misery, une petite pile de malheur


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