was also the name of the restaurant where we had dinner in Lille. A nice little place serving the most popular and the most typical dishes of the north. The staff was very helpful and forthcoming and everything we ordered came in shortly despite the fully packed place. Tried and fully approved were:

  • Les crottins de l’avesnois
    Pieces of cheese backed in bread – too small but good.
  • Le tatin de Boudin noir
    Tarte Tatin but instead of dough boudin noir (black pudding) – absolutely outstanding.
  • La mlamishe vlam
    Leek cooked in beer and backed. Good.
  • La Groyère au carré du vinage
    THE cheese of Lille – le Maroille – as tarte. Delicious.
  • Le Pâté raisins, prunaux, cassonade.
    Pâté is the same in English… Didn’t know this. Anyway; a pâté with prunes and brown sugar. A dream; simply a dream.

The desserts were:

  • Crème aux spéculoos brûlée à la cassonade brune
    Though I’m usually not a big fan of Speculoos (a kind of biscuit); this was the best dessert I had in a long time.
  • Moelleux au chocolat servi avec boule de glace à la cannelle
    The chocolate cake was good, though not as soft and moist as it is supposed to be. The ice cream was great.
  • Pomme cuite arrosée de chocolat noir et servie avec boule de glace au carambar
    Baked apple with chocolate sauce is nothing you can possibly get wrong.

The overall was finished with une fleur de bière – an eau-de-vie made from beer and a bill far lower than anticipated. Needless to say that we were too lazy to go for a drink afterwards and too full to sleep well but sometimes you just know that it was worth it.


3 responses to “Rijsel

  1. Oh, this tatin de Boudin noir sounds like an interesting concept worthy of further research.

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