is the Dutch name for Lille. Last weekend, it was the second time I went there; the first was before the very existence of this blog.

However, Lille is a very pretty city, 35 minutes by train from Brussels and as it has a Grande Place, a Rue Neuve, and really good beer, it almost feels like Belgium. But of course, it isn’t.

Actually, one of the biggest French statesman is born in Lille: Charles de Gaulle. On Sunday, we visited his birth place which is a nice, bourgeois house but doesn’t tell you anything about how he became le Général.

Anyway, being my last weekend before holiday and with very nice friends, the time was well spend on relaxing, swimming, eating, and within reason, making photos and discovering Lille. The very best and most insignificant discovery though were the two little “Schwarze Peter”. First Brussels, now Lille… It seems like they are getting around.


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