Picking fleas

And scratching the back of higher ranked individuals, is what monkeys do to increase the group spirit and their chances for social accession.

During the firework on Tuesday, I was wondering why human beings like to come together in thousands to enjoy fireworks, concerts, and other entertainment on national days. Hope you enjoy sharing this thought…


6 responses to “Picking fleas

  1. Be careful you’re one step away from saying that human beings and other animals aren’t fundamentally different, and that would be, heretical?

  2. Heretical according to who?

  3. Yes, national feast days are where people coming tohether: bodyguards, police, snipers, military, and getting rid of every bit of criticism… 🙂

  4. According to His Noodly Appendage, I quote: “All “evidence” for evolution was planted by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, in an effort to test Pastafarians’ faith”.

    Admittedly, this sh*t about monkeys and humans sounds a lot like evolution sh*t.

  5. @ Umwalker: Now, you have a whole different perspective… Is that an evil grin I see there?

    @ Zeta: Isn’t it perverse of a higher being to plant evidence only to have people contest it? The apple falling down is an evidence for gravity. How does his noodly appendage deal with this?

  6. No evil grin, it was just my feast day on Tuesday… 🙂

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