New record

Within less than 30 minutes asked by 3 people in 3 different languages where Grand Place is.

What has become of the good old skill of map reading?


5 responses to “New record

  1. TomTom has done to map reading what the pocket calculator has done to Kopfrechnen.

  2. Maybe they have Belgian maps? Too much of everything to understand it?

  3. @ Maik: But you still need the very basics of Kopfrechnen to use a pocket calculator. Is that not the same for TomTom?

    @ Umwalker: The Spanish speaking guy had a French map… If any the challenge in Brussels is probably that the names of the streets do not necessarily correspond to what’s written in a map.

  4. Unless it is an urban myth that people blindly following the instructions drove over the end of piers and into the sea, apparently not…oder gerade. Je nachdem wie man es sehen will.

  5. 🙂 Yeah, heard about that one too. I guess no technical device and might it be the most brilliant invention will ever triumph over human idiocy.

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