For all those expecting a lot of pictures, this post will be a disappointment. First, I was busy reminding myself to close my mouth and avoid running in other people when walking in the street as I constantly kept looking amazed left and right instead of taking photos. When I saw a some shots worth being made, my camera was in my hotel room while I took a walking tour before going to the beach. And finally, the WiFi in the hotel is good for downloading but terribly slow in uploads. I.e. pictures to follow.

However, Barcelona… If anybody tells you to go to Brussels for the Art Nouveau buildings; don’t. Book a flight to Barcelona, there are three times as many Modernisma buildings, the weather is generally much better and after a cultural walk you can chill out on the beach. That’s exactly what I did today, even swimming in the Mediterranean, realizing that in over two years in Brussels, I didn’t go once to a swimming pool. But I’m diverting.

Barcelona surprised me by its beauty; I knew it was but still. And then also by the fact that it is a very handicapped friendly city. At all, and I mean all, points where you have to cross a traffic light, the side walks are let down. Cars are generally very respective of pedestrians and of traffic lights. I saw hardly one car crossing a yellow traffic light, not to mention a red. In Brussels, the average is somewhere between 2 and three cars – after the light switched to red.
Another surprise: Bicycles everywhere. Barcelona has one of the most extensive public transport bicycle systems I have ever seen. Bicycle lanes are well done and I’ve seen a lot of people using the bikes. I actually wanted one myself but you have to be a resident. Costs for the yearly abonnement: 30€.

To sum it up: gorgeous weather, great food, beautiful sights, and seaside. I’m looking forward to come back!


7 responses to “Barça

  1. Checking the job opportunities listings yet? 😀

  2. Also, you probably didn’t have many issues speaking English with the people. Catalans are probably the most international among all regions in Spain.

  3. Klingt nach einer tollen Dienstreise 🙂 Ja, Barcelona ist eine sehr schöne Stadt! Bin schon gespannt auf die Bilder.

  4. @ Maik: Not yet, not yet…

    @ Zeta: I don’t want to speak English in Spain. I want to speak Spanish because otherwise I never gonna improve it. And, as far as I noticed, no Catalan did mind speaking Spanish with me as I’m obviously, i.e. as soon as I open my mouth, a foreigner. I quite liked that.

  5. @ Uli: Hoffe, du bist nicht allzu sehr von den Bildern enttäuscht.

  6. In der Tat interessante Bilderauswahl 🙂 Nein, enttäuscht bin ich natürlich nicht. Außerdem war ich schon in Barcelona, ich weiß also ungefähr, wie es aussieht 🙂

  7. Es gab diesmal wenig Momente, in denen ich dachte: “Das muss ich fotografieren.” Und wenn hatte ich meine Kamera nicht dabei 🙂

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