Brussels at its best

Ever had a problem with religion; especially the Christian one and wanted to relieve yourself? The solution to your problems, as often, can be found in Brussels where you can pee against the church St. Catherine.


PissoirPictures thanks to Chouzbek

Funny similarity with some branches of the above mentioned religion: it is for men only.

A mon avis les pissoirs publiques, peu importe contre quel bâtiment, sont dégueulasse.


7 responses to “Brussels at its best

  1. Well, actually you can found it at Antwerp cathedral, too… It was (is?) a law of Code Napoleon to build a pissoir next to the churches so that the men going to drink after mass didn’t urinate all over the city. Something like that. And women went home – so no toilets for them. (Well, where I grew up that is called “Frühschoppen”).

  2. you can find it at Antwerp cathedral, too. And I have to guide in English tomorrow… 🙂

  3. I knew it was a Belgian thing. It’s so weird, it had to be… Wondering if it exists in France too.

  4. Yeah, but when you see how many Belgians are still urinating all over the city, it didn’t work out…

  5. No, it really doesn’t look like. At Napoleon’s time, toilets at home weren’t very wide spread but nowadays…

  6. He lapuce,

    Why only for men?
    I am a women and I did have a pee here yesterday night!
    But I was with my husband.
    wouldn´t try pee here alone in the night…


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