Back in Germany, well kind of…

If ever you came to associate Germany with Lederhosen, Blasmusik und Würstchen*; please go to Munich. It’s of course all stereotypes – and it’s all true.

A part from this, Munich is very beautiful, very closed on Sundays (don’t plan shopping) and very German: People will ask you if the four places around you are free before sitting and to transport the second dog on the metro, you need to buy a children ticket.

It has some beautiful museums of which I could visit only two – the Royal palace and the Neue Pinakothek (modern art), a lot of really good food and many more attractions worth visiting. Next time I have to come for longer. Jawohl!

* leather trousers, brass music and sausages

Afterthought N°1: It was a rather strange choice of the three French friends I visited the city with to spontaneously elect me as leader of our little group even though I kept on insisting that my knowledge of the city was exactly zero. “Mais tu es allemande”, is not a reason.

Afterthought N°2: I really liked the Hofbräuhaus. It is a stereotype brought alive but the food is really good and not expensive. For the drinks it is important to know that a pint is the smallest you can order; but only women and foreigners don’t look ridiculous doing so.

Afterthought N°3: I didn”t even mind the Bavarian music; at least for a while. It just fits within the overall atmosphere. Weird but somehow appropriate.


7 responses to “Munich

  1. Freut mich, dass dir München — trotz des schlechten Wetters — gefallen hat. Wie ich sehe, seid ihr doch noch auf den Alten Peter gestiegen 🙂

  2. P.S. Wie kann man eigentlich dein Blog als RSS feed abonnieren?

  3. Schlechtes Wetter bin ich ja gewohnt – da wird halt von draussen auf drinnen umdisponiert. Und ja, den Sonntagmorgen sind wir noch auf den Alten Peter hoch. Die Aussicht war es echt wert!

    Für den RSS feed, einfach die URL kopieren und in was immer dein Feedreader ist, einfügen. Email mir einfach, falls du Probleme dabei hast.

  4. If you associate Munich with typical Bavarian stereotypes, than you really haven’t been to the Bavarian countryside yet… 🙂

  5. You mean that it gets worse???

  6. Yes

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