How to pretend having good level of French

Your French is not as good as you want it to be but your time and willingness to improve it are rather limited? The ultimate solution lies in the sentence: C’est pas faux.*

* Literally: “That’s not wrong” but probably more correctly translated by “You have a point there”.

If you ask me; Kaamelott is one of the coolest series ever broadcasted on French TV. And it one of the very few examples of French humour I find funny:


6 responses to “How to pretend having good level of French

  1. I’m more from the “tout à fait” school, I guess I have to learn to be more aggressive–or learn French, whatever is easier.

  2. Even though your French knowledge is probably exquisite; you might want to know that

    Tout à fait means that you agree a 100% with what the other says.
    C’est pas faux is agreement of a 60-80% and leaves it open to change your mind later on.

    Helpful as always 🙂

  3. I like “You (may) have a point”, as a translation. It sounds good, like for instance, when Perceval’s girlfriend says to him :
    – when I look at me in the mirror, I feel so dull and insipid.
    – You have a point.

  4. This example illustrates their dilemma very nicely indeed! Another translation I thought about was “That’s probably it”.

  5. This is excellent. I will try “c’est pas faux” at my French class tonight.

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