Magritte zum Dritten

There was astonishingly little information available about the opening of the Magritte museum. Maybe the organisers were afraid of too many people coming because, except this lack of information, the opening yesterday was absolutely great:

  • Paintings of Magritte brought alive in various forms
  • Magritte ‘man’ dressed in awfully warm black coats giving very funny performances
  • Other ‘living’ paintings distributing green apples
  • The whole place Royale decorated in Magritte
  • French and English chanson music going perfectly with the performances
  • The Bozar museum being for free
  • The Magritte museum being for free*

* Though tickets for all the slots until 20:00 were gone by 2 in the afternoon, the square itself wasn’t overly full. I didn’t get one, obviously but with an afternoon sun such as we had it yesterday, being inside was not really an option, no matter what for…


3 responses to “Magritte zum Dritten

  1. That looks really cool! I would have loved to come and see it, but I was working inside the whole weekend… Advertisement is also very low key for the cathedral exhibition starting this coming Friday. I guess Belgians have a different approach on promotion than we do. Actually the biggest promotrs were the bishop and the priests over the weekend who did not stop preaching and talking about the paintings!

  2. I think here it was the also one person telling another which finally made it a success. I just don’t understand it: They have such great things to celebrate and are not talking about it… Little weird country Belgium!

  3. My experience: they always do the exact opposite which is logic. Instead of celebrating the beautiful art and museum, they say Belgian is famous for its compromise. Yeah, sure.

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