I love marshmallows

A great, hilarious video from TED. Only that I failed to embed it in this post; tried 4 times though…

Any way, having to wait 15 minutes to get 2 marshmallows instead of 1 doesn’t seem fair to me. If you’d give me 10 instead of one, then we can talk. I think these experiments underestimate the pleasure of immediate gratification. And I still got a university diploma…


2 responses to “I love marshmallows

  1. lydiamakaroff

    Yes, I watched that video too. Those poor kids. I would like to see that study replicated. It was conducted in somethings like 1977, and I think that they read too much into it.

  2. I perfectly agree with you Lydia. They should replicate the study with 10 instead of 1 marshmallow. But it is still great fun to watch, especially that little girl who is sniffing on the marshmallow the whole time to then only eat the inside. A quite clever attempt to cheat in my point of view for a four year old.

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