Offensive truth?

No style no glory

I saw this poster in Brussels a couple of weeks ago but before I could take a picture, it had disappeared. On Sunday, I saw another one in a Namur. It is an ad for an exhibition and though  it might be offensive to some, I think that whoever did it, has a point here.

If ever this upsets you, please complain to “We love moules & frites“; which, no matter the content, is a very cool name for a blog.


6 responses to “Offensive truth?

  1. first of all, We love moules frites is not a blog name but the name of a belgian graphic design studio which has a blog inside the web site

    about this poster, the scuplture is made by belgian artist Messieurs Delmotte and it’s called “Jesus is not a super star” and it’s one of the main work of the exhibition “No style No glory”.
    So if some people are onfensed please learn about this work and about art in general 😉

    thx for the post and yes the poster disapears everywhere. In liege and Brussel, lot of design graphic students steal it 😉

  2. Visit the exhibition NO STYLE NO GLORY
    29 April / 7 Juni 2009
    (Musée Ianchelevici, place communale, La Louvière)

  3. @ Julien: Thanks for your feedback. I really like the poster but I thought it had disappeared because people found it offensive. I don’t think it is but not everybody might think twice about the meaning.
    And again: Very cool name for a website.

    @ Pierre: How do I get there from Porte de Namur or Gare de Midi?

  4. Of course maybe some people could take off the poster because they find it offensive but lot of people like the poster very much that I receive lot of e-mail to know how to get a copy of the poster. But the exhibition is as good as the poster so if you can go to La Louvière to visit it. I think by train you can find a direct trip from Brussel central and stop at La Louvière centre station. Or by car :

  5. Many thanks for the information. I really appreciate. The poster is indeed great – it made me think about “glory and style” in a way I never had before.

  6. last week end to visit and it’s free on sunday !

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