25° and bright sunshine would make me love almost any city in the world. And not only the weather was great yesterday when we went to visit Namur with a couple of friends but there was also a street art festival with some entertaining performances.

Namur as such is a nice little city and the capital of Wallonia. For a capital, there is not an awful lot to see but it is pretty. We went straight from the station to the church St. Loup, following the book one of the best preserved baroque churches in Belgium and, guess what, it’s closed for restoration…

After a short stop by the cathedral – open but not overwhelming and lunch, we went to a monastery which, in a small room of maybe a 10m² has an impressive collection of goldsmith works from the 13th century. It is inpronounceably called Le trésor du prieuré d’Oignies but guided by a very friendly sister, I learned more about goldsmith techniques in an hour than in my entire life.

To see this treasure together with the almost two hour walk up and down the Citadelle and the beer on a lively square before going back to Brussels  definitely made the the visit worth while. Besides the amazing sunshine, obviously. A conseiller!


2 responses to “Namur

  1. Ah, St. Loup! Bei mir wars nicht geschlossen wegen Restaurierung, sondern einfach zu… Zwei Mal… Auf deinem Trip Richtung Süden fehlt jetzt wohl nur noch Dinant!

  2. St. Loup sah schon durch die Glasscheiben toll aus. Hoffentlich ist sie bald erneuert und offen.

    Dinant kommt demnächst noch an die Reihe. In Leuven war ich im Übrigen auch noch nicht, aber ich bin ja noch eine Weile in Belgien.

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