Beware the nationality

If you have food or other stuff accompanied by ‘national’ adjectives, you can be almost sure that they won’t be called this way in the country they apparently come from. Examples?

  • Lait russe (Russian milk) – A kind of Latte macchiato sold in Belgium
  • Cuisine américaine (American kitchen) – an open space kitchen like in Friends
  • Salade macédoine (macedonian salad) – a salad mixing all kinds of vegetables, served with majonaise
  • to be continued

Exception confirming you know what: German shepherd (Deutscher Schäferhund, berger allemand)

I love having a blog for this kind of deep thoughts and knowledge insights.


3 responses to “Beware the nationality

  1. lydiamakaroff

    Quite a few tourists from the USA over here order the Filet américain, thinking it will be an American-style meal. They are very surprised to see a pile a raw ground beef arrive on their plate.

  2. And I’m also thinking of the “french fries” that most French people are considering as a typical belgian speciality…

  3. @ Lydia: That’s a very good example!! Just imaging the faces of those poor tourists, really makes me laugh!

    @ Floc: Another good one. And Belgians are quite offended when you put the adjective “French” in front of their beloved fries.

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