Never ending story

After I silently agreed with the local administration, that I never left the area I live in, the nice lady at la maison communale today sent me back to the foreigner service to get my residency card. I waited one hour while studying the different ways people deal with frustration*.

When it was finally my turn, I was told that I had to make a demand for a new residency card as I lost the old one. I didn’t – I had to hand it in the commune Forest where I never lived according to Ixelles. To make the demand for the new one I needed the one document I did not have with me – my job contract.

Next try: Monday morning.

* Apathy, murderous feelings and desperation were written clearly on the faces of those standing in line behind a guy who after 30 minutes still wouldn’t understand that the passports for his kids were not ready. The fact that the admin kept on repeating “not ready” in French which the guy clearly didn’t understand, wasn’t helpful either. When I left, voices started raising.


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