Administrative logic

After waiting patiently for 2 months, I finally went to register in my new commune – foreigner service. After waiting another 20 minutes, I was told by a look on my papers and on the computer that I was in the wrong service. As I never left Ixelles, I had to go to la maison communale. Pardon me?

Following the registre national, I never lived in Forest; I’m registered in Ixelles since September 2007. That I have papers from Forest saying the contrary, doesn’t matter. It is not in the registre national, so it can’t be true.

To be honest, I kept my protest to a minimum. If it is fine for the administration, it is fine for me – I don’t think it makes any difference. And the papers? Well, they must have come from some paralell universe in which I lived in Forest for five months but in this one – dominated by the undoubtable logic of la commune d’Ixelles – I didn’t.

Des fois, il ne faut pas chercher à tout comprendre.


3 responses to “Administrative logic

  1. Funny! Did the same thing today… 5 minutes waiting, 20 minutes paper work, only to tell me to come back to actually DO the paper work she printed after the policeman of my neighbourhood checked if I really live here. Actually, four years ago this all took more than an hour… 🙂

  2. lydiamakaroff

    And you can speak French. I am dreading having to move from the Leuven commune to the Saint-Gilles commune in July.

  3. @ Umwalker: I had the police checking already. And waiting two months, and 20 minutes and today an hour again. Have to go back on Monday because I didn’t have my job contract. Nobody ever said I’d need it…

    @ Lydia: I really, really wish you good luck. Though you speak at least English. While I was waiting today, I witnessed an amazing non-understanding between a man speaking only a little bit of Frenglish who wanted to pick up the passports for his kids and an admin. The passports were not ready – prêt – only that the guy didn’t understand the word and kept on insisting that he brought the pictures and paid the money and… The admin person repeated “not ready” about 15 times – in both languages without success.

    I don’t know if and how they resolved the issue. When I left, the discussions hadn’t advanced at all.

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