A problem of understanding

When people go to a doctor and tell him that they have, let’s say, problem with the stomach; they would not trust this doctor if he immediately gave them a prescription and told them to go home. A doctor is expected to ask questions like What was the last thing you ate?; Since when does it hurt?; Is it the belly or further up?; and the patient will not only answer the questions but will feel taken care of and well treated.

When people complain about an IT problem, they don’t want to be asked questions and even less want to answer them. The solution has to be immediate, easy and without costs. No: What did you do last before the system crashed?; Did you get any error message and if yes, what does it say? Did you reboot?; etc. when a programme is not working as it should.

A good IT support is like a good doctor: a very rare species, able to break down complex issues into understandable terms and someone you never ever want to let go. . .


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