Times are changing

Courtship behaviourCredits for the picture go to: www.wulffmorgenthaler.com
  • I don’t know much about lizards and insects except that spider females eat the male after fecundation
  • Male birds sing or grow impressive, colourful feathers or even both
  • In most mammal species, the male is taller and heavier than the female, and often fight each other
  • For the human species, fighting over a woman has become outdated, and the female might be taller, older, and heaven knows, richer – there isn’t much left to impress. Playing guitar or another instrument indicates at least persistence, and if you’re lucky, passion. And even if this won’t  be enough for a creepy, ugly idiot, it is something to start with. Il faut bien commencer qq part.

Next time, just ask me.


4 responses to “Times are changing

  1. I admit, I had too look up “fecundation”…

    On your theory – stalking also indicates persistence and yet more women seem to fall for guitar players than for stalkers. Why is that? Just wondering, although I have a hunch…

  2. That’s where the singing part comes into it. Human beings are genetically 98% identical to apes, there must be a similar percentage for birds.

    If you ask for my very scientific point of view…

  3. In my child-like naivety I had assumed that romance might come into it somewhere, but maybe not…

  4. That’s another – more likely – explanation. I’m too rational it seems…

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