Antwerp – Second round

I’ve been to Antwerp before, just as I’ve been to Brugge and Ghent. Only that I’m wondering now how much I missed out in these two cities considering all nice squares, anecdotes and highlights Umwalker made me discover on Saturday in Antwerp.

Obviously, it is different visiting a city on half a day with a bunch of friends and being shown around by someone who lived in the very same city for over two years and not only has a fantastic memory but also a keen interest in history.

The tour was thus far more intensive from what I saw the first time (Rubens’ house, Cathedral, Schelde, drink somewhere, back to BXL). We had a nice walk through

  • The fashion area
  • The two streets making up the diamond area – with a note-worthy shabbiness of the houses compared to the 25bn dollar/year made in trade
  • The almost finished new station which makes you taking out the camera and not feel like running away
  • St. James church with a magnificent view over the city after a slightly adventurous walk up the very steep stairs
  • Lillo – a tiny village which makes you feel like on the country side for the 6 minutes you walk through it. Lillo survived the perpetual extension of the Antwerp harbour through which we drove as the pure lengths of it’s road network sums up to over 350 km. A bit too much for a walk especially after all we had already done.

And, though the pictures don’t really show it, I got a sun burn – the first in Belgium if my memory is right… A truly wonderful day!


2 responses to “Antwerp – Second round

  1. Sunburn? Really? Normally I am the one who gets burned easily! Wow! Congrats… 🙂

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