After a really busy weeks with final exams, a lot of work and a couply of nice parties on the weekend, a trip to Liège was exactly what I was able to do on a not to sunny but still ok March Sunday.

Liège is not really big and not really worth visiting imho. There is a market on Sunday with the main attraction being living animals for sale and a citadelle to walk up to (with a very ugly hospital on top of it) worth doing for the view over the city.

A friend had advised me to go visit the cathedral where we got hushed out because of a conference (not a mass – a conference!) and St. Jacques for its beautiful ceilings but unfortunately only open from 10-12…

Still, I had a good 3 hours walk, got out of Brussels and saw some of the first spring flowers.


6 responses to “Liège

  1. St Jacques was closed??? That is a real pity! And you got kicked out of the Catehdral due to a conference? Hihi, last year we let visitors wait for half an hour outside St James in Antwerp since we were not yet finished serving dessert for a conference… And visitors didn’t des(s)ert us, they came back!

    • Yes – St. Jacques was closed. Though, by the time we got there, we decided to walk the rest of the way to Liège Guillemins. It’s really not big.
      The problem with the conference was that there was no sign when it would finish but we still saw the gotischer Kreuzgang.

  2. Oh by the way: Since I am not a big fan of the church I like mass to be a mess, but if the priests do? 🙂

  3. 🙂 Yeah. Mine is than and then. I know the difference – but I always use it wrong…

    • Oh, that’s an easy one for me. But there are other words where, in my experience, only native speakers will know which word to use but hardly ever able to explain you why.

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