Very annoying

Error in the database. The uploaded data for subscribers is not read correctly. Result: Emails to subscribers go out as text instead of html. BIG BIG issue.

Why does this kind of thing always happen on a Monday morning or on a Friday evening?


13 responses to “Very annoying

  1. But it’s Wednesday! Isn’t it?

  2. I was just going to say…some rift in the space-time continuum in or around Brussels?

  3. Writing about something on a Wednesday does always and under any circumstances mean that the very thing happened on a Wednesday.

    Yesterday, I saw an advertisement for a movie from 20096. How do we actually now that we live in the same space-time continuum?

  4. Interesting point you raise there…how do we actually know that we live? “Ich denke, also bin ich” never seemed all that convincing to me…

  5. Getting even more philosophical – How do you know it was you? And how do you know that what you did (if you – or anybody – did anything) was writing a comment?

  6. Why ? Murphy’s law I guess …

    • Yeah, pretty much. Mix some misunderstanding, a bit of lacking knowledge and a great deal of insufficient resources and you have a good recipe for failing.

  7. I haven’t a clue. The (philosophical) point is – you haven’t, either. There is no way of knowing.

  8. Well, as long as you can’t prove me the contrary, I assume that it was me writing what I consider being a comment.
    I write a blog – therefore I am 🙂

  9. The entire debate is, of course, intellectual self-indulgence. Does it really matter (to you) if you are figment of your imagination?

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