Brussels public transport is not the cleanest or most efficient ever. Still, it is probably not fair from me to be swearing at it when, coming from a friend late at night, I have to wait 15 minutes for a tram. I should have looked up when trams are running on the Internet.

However, while I was waiting, I was trying to figure out how high my chances were of not having to wait more than 10 minutes when arriving at a stop without knowing when a tram is coming but considering that trams run every 20 minutes.



3 responses to “Calculating

  1. Hi La Puce,
    Please be informed that these fundamental questions about the meaning of life and the time you have to wait for your tram have already been discussed by the greatest minds in the most famous universities of the world.
    I can’t resist to send you the conclusions of the work of these expert mathematicians of Jussieu University.

    Click to access autobus.pdf

    I hope that will help you to answer your questions
    Best regards

  2. Puce, you have quite job here summarizing the article for us : )

  3. @ FloC: Merci d’abord for this indeed valuable contribution. The conclusions sent by you are very helpful. To summarise them for you, @Zugaldia:

    Life is more complicated than we usually assume. Especially with regards to public transport. When the buses are scheduled every 10 minutes, the average waiting time is always more than 5 and can go up to twice the scheduled time. Or said differently: never count on being lucky but be happy if you are.

    I’m considering claiming author rights on this last sentence…

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