Given and taken

or: If you loose one thing in life, you win another.

or: I have Internet access to an unprotected wifi connection in my kitchen (sitting close to the window) but the heating isn’t working (and no hot water).

or: When you study, you’ve time to travel but no money and once you work, you’ve the money but not the time.

or: There is always a price to pay. Though, I don’t see the link between no heating vs. Internet access but there’s probably a higher force in this universe (or another) which does.


6 responses to “Given and taken

  1. Prise d’un grand élan de solidarité, je t’envoie ce petit coucou d’Allemagne. Moi non plus, je n’ai toujours pas internet… Le temps de comprendre comment ca marche, de faire une petite étude de marché pour avoir un fournisseur d’acces pas trop cher et d’attendre que le technicien de Deutsch Telekom vienne ouvrir ma ligne, je n’aurait pas acces au world wide web avant mars… It’s a hard life…

  2. Maybe you should work in tourism…that way you’d have the best of both worlds – getting paid to travel.

    Against the background of your heating problems the term “housewarming party” gets a whole new meaning. Maybe you should have one every day, starting about half an hour before you get home from work…

    I see you believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Pity that Douglas Adams is dead now. He may have been able to explain the link between a failing heating system and free WiFi.

  3. I totally understand the travel/study problem. I would have a solution though. You’re working, I’m studying, so you’re paying for my travels? 🙂

  4. @ Flo: Ma pauvre!! Ca fait un bon moment mais encore, comprendre en allemand toutes les options différentes d’un contrat… Moi, dans ce cas là en France (surtout au début), je signais tout court en espérant que tout allait bien se passer. Et tu sais quoi? J’ai toujours eu du bol 🙂

  5. @ Maik: I think I wouldn’t like travelling as much as I do if I had to do it for living. But this goes into the topic of wanted what you don’t have and don’t wanting what you have.

    I don’t really believe in the interconnectedness of things – hazard explains it reasonably well but I like to think What if…?

    Depending on the success on Saturday, I’ll do more house warming parties – should be easy. I invite the neighbours and we warm one appartment at a time… Love the idea!

  6. @ Umwalker: Good try… Any more to offer?

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