Schwein gehabt

Pig and Piglet- AfricaIs another German expression meaning to be lucky when it was not to be expected (or deserved). It came to my mind when I saw the picture above in the National Geographic POD (Picture of the Day) gadget in my iGoogle page. It also gives me the opportunity to write about the fantastic photos on; most (all?) of them downloadable in high resolution as wallpaper.

More than just Schwein gehabt.


4 responses to “Schwein gehabt

  1. Love that pic…when I was (a lot) younger, we sometimes visited my relatives in MV (which at the time, incidentally, wasn’t MV, but the “Bezirk Neubrandenburg”). They had a “Bauernhof” (“Farm” trifft’s nicht wirklich) and what I loved best was when I was allowed to help mucking out the pigsty (ja nun, jeder hat so seine hobbys… ;-)) Sometimes my aunt and uncle would wake me up in the middle of the night when a sow was farrowing. (I had to look up “farrowing”). That’s what your pic reminds me of… Sweet childhood memories…

  2. It’s cool what one picture can do. Bringing up good (old) memories making you feel good. Really glad that this one made it for you.

    Regarding farrowing – that’s a word I would have needed to look up too; so don’t worry 🙂

  3. Well, I always had a personal feast day when my neighbouring farm made delicious meat paste out of the lovely pigs once a year.

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