Movie maker

Elisabeth II**
Nice movie, not necessarily close to historic reality but not that far from it either especially in the portray of the queen. A pity I missed the first one.

I am legend**
Good one but too many religious references. Never watched the alternative ending as I was told to do.

No country for old men***
It took me quite some time to make sense of this movie. Still, my favourite for 2008.

The bucket list**
Not a movie to watch with high expectations. Though for me, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson – that had to work. And it did.

Bienvenu chez les Cht’it**
A friend kindly forced me to watch this movie with her. I still don’t understand how it became the most successful movie in France ever but it is well done. Surtout à cause des chiens.

I did not read the book so I couldn’t compare. The friend I went with had and was a bit disappointed. Not me.

Darjeeling limited*
Well, nice but kind of pointless.

Chasseurs de Dragon**
One of these movies I absolutely wanted to see. It’s a French cartoon and meant for an audience under 12. Consequently was I the only adult in the movie without an accompanying child to explain my presence. The movie was what I had expected: well done with a not too deep story.

Kindly forced to see as well and also better than expected. Good entertainment.

3:10 to Yuma***
I like Western and when I saw the trailer for that one, I knew that I had to see it. And, I was right.

The Dark Knight***
It is true that often, the good die young. Heath Ledger  was a great, frightening, mad Joker. The magic pencil trick at the beginning set the tone for the rest of the film. I doubt that the next one can get any better.

In Brugges***
I watched that on following the advice of a friend. Best politically incorrect and blackest humor of the year. A bit too much blood at the  end though the irony in it is unbeatable.

Belgian roadmovie watched on the advice of a colleague. Weird, weird sense of Belgian humor. Not necessarily advisable.

Vicky Christina Barcelona**
I’m not a fan of Woody Allen but that one is good. Not absolutely perfect but good. And I liked the song it starts with.

So small, so courageous, so sweet. Nothing more to say.

* Matter of taste
** Good one
*** A have to!


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