Don’t be so German

that’s what my colleagues said when I announced my sick leave last week. But contrary what Nothingforungood writes, I don’t think that I’ll go back when the doctor says I can. The 2 minutes way to the pharmacy was exhausting today so I don’t think that I’ll be able to manage a 20 minutes walk to work tomorrow.

Sometimes, you can’t avoid planning and sometimes, you can’t avoid changing plans. Guess that’s called life.


4 responses to “Don’t be so German

  1. Just wondering…your illness, is that a really bad cold? If so, I would sue your dentist.

    • No cold, though I’m putting a lot of ice. One of the wounds from the wisdom teeth surgery got infected. I saw my dentist today (she did not do the operation) and she cleaned it. Like her very much right now 😉

  2. Oh, I had the same problem! My right cheek was just a big, really big, yellow-greenish ball. I was the school attraction! But no pain. Uli

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