Translation is hell

When I saw this title “The German politicians: Too wrongly ostracized?”, not making any sense in English, of an event taking place in Germany, I spend some time trying to figure out what the original German title could have been like. Unsuccessfully.

It is “Die deutschen Politiker – zu Unrecht gescholten?” ; and I leave the correct translation to others, but the German “zu” is, admittingly, quite a tricky one. It can be translated as “to” or “too”; to mention just a few.

I know that I’m helpful. No need to thank me.


4 responses to “Translation is hell

  1. Google ( says “The German politician – was wrongly olten?” but it doesn’t make much sense either…

    Hakuna matata 🙂

  2. It actually makes even less sense.

    Nkosi, nevertheless

  3. wrongly used as an adverb without “zu” (tells me – wrongly chastised, for example.

  4. I like wrongly chastised – it sounds a bit old fashioned. Just like the German original.

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