Européanisation culinaire


  • Sheep feta (Greek)
  • Polenta (Italy)
  • Orange juice (Brazil)
  • Mexican sweet corn mix, Green beans (produced in Germany)
  • Sardine in tomato (Spain)
  • Creme, eggs, bacon (Belgium)
  • Liver pâté (France)
  • Pumpernickel (Germany)


Polenta with cream, fright bacon, beans and feta (recipe from a Romanian friend).

The other stuff is for the rest of the week.


2 responses to “Européanisation culinaire

  1. What about some langues de chat? Tastes good..

  2. Well, I did not buy them that day. There were in my place for ages (July) and even moved with me. Glad that you got them and that you enjoy them.

    For the record: I’d say they are Belgian but not sure though…

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