Panoramas Luxembourg

What I don’t understand is why in Vista, I could download Autostitch, install it as usually and just do the panorama. In Ubuntu, download was no problem but (I’m sure that’s just me) but installation didn’t work. None of the (limited number of) tricks I know worked. To be improved. But the pictures are great…


11 responses to “Panoramas Luxembourg

  1. Hey, very nice panoramas.

    The thing is that autostitch is a Windows software, you just need to install “wine” to make it work.

  2. Thanks, but what is “wine”? Puedes explicarme como tengo que hacerlo? Por favor…

  3. Application -> Add/Remove -> and search for “wine” 🙂

  4. Tactic question: Do I have to reinstall Ubuntu if I want the English version? It might make communication easier because their is no “wine” or similar German translation in my Add/Remove…

  5. Try System -> Administration -> Synaptic. Then, in the application, Settings -> Repositories, check the “universe” one. Wine is also called “wine” in the German version, but it seems it was not available by default.

  6. I got it. But, just repeating the question: Do I have to reinstall Ubuntu if I want the English version?

  7. No, you don’t need to reinstall Linux to change the language. Personally, I use OpenSuSE, so I don’t know where to change the language settings. But I assume there is some menu for all sorts of administrative settings.

    Running Windows native software with wine under Linux may or may not work. (my experience is that in most cases it does not work). I prefer running Linux software, but I have never used any panorama software within Linux, so I don’t know any such program….

  8. Hi Uli, thanks for the advice. I’ll try to figure out how to change the language. And finally, the software works in ubuntu (once I got the wine thing right) but it quite reassuring to have Vista as just in case alternative.

  9. I’ll try Mac OS X now, as my professor ordered a fresh new MacBook Pro for me 🙂

  10. So you have a lovely city in a beautiful natural setting, and all you can talk about is computers…? Nerds 🙂

  11. @ Uli H: Angeber.

    @ umwalker: It’s a matter of balance. First you visit the beautiful city and make the pictures and then you figure out how to install the software you need to publish the pictures on the blog. After all, we are not living in an analog age anymore.

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