Getting acquainted with Linux

After spending quite some time to figure out what exactly the problem with the Ubuntu desktop was (white screen of death), what the solution might be and HOW to apply the solution, I can appreciate the joke above. For all those who don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about: I’m not sure yet if the Ubuntu slogan “linux for human beings” really includes all human beings (no offense to the penguins among us) or just those with advanced IT knowledge.


4 responses to “Getting acquainted with Linux

  1. Well I agree with you, la puce, Ubuntu is not that easy even for penguins. :=)

  2. That gives me some confidence, thanks Mr. Penguin.

  3. Well I think you are just used to another system. I read this and I feel like when I hear British people complaining about us driving on wrong side.

  4. It’s definitely not us – it’s them driving on the wrong side.

    However, when it comes to Linux/Ubuntu, I just think that it is rather suited for people who have a positive attitude towards IT, seeing it as the possible solution of the problem and not as its origin. And you can’t deny that’s definitely an advantage having good IT skills when you install Ubuntu. Or having a good friend who eventually has these skills…

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