Coger el tren en España

One of the most interesting experiences was taking the train in Spain. First, I missed my train to Toledo because I did not manage to buy a ticket on time. I had to wait 30 minutes until I could buy a ticket and had plenty of time until the next train which I used to visit the Botanic garden – just next to the Prado.

As I did not know when I would be heading back, I had only bought “Ida” but in Toledo, I was clever enough to go largely in advance to the station. Only, that the train was fully booked. I must have made a pretty worried impression and two guys asked me if everything was OK. I started explaining them the problem and there advise was:

  1. Ask for a train ticket for the 19:30 train – maybe someone has cancelled the ticket.
  2. If you can’t get a ticket for this train, just buy one for the following train (21:30) and get on the 19:30 train nevertheless. Go to the bar, get a coffee (or beer) and wait if someone controls you. If so, just pretend not to understand as much as you do.

And the best was that this whole conversation took place in Spanish, after 45 minutes waiting I managed buying a ticket (ticket machines were invented for a reason obviously not understood in Toledo), got on the 19:30 train to be back in Madrid just on time to meet a friend.


6 responses to “Coger el tren en España

  1. You tourists collapsing our efficient service, ts ts.

  2. Which efficient service?

  3. Having to wait 45 minutes to buy a train ticket is not really what I would consider as efficient service… Or is this the Spanish definition?

  4. Well, I went to Toledo with the bus, which I was told was the much better, and cheaper alternative. Worked very fine. But: I bought a retour ticket with an open retour, but no one told me I still had to validate my retour ticket for the right time, so I had to wait an hour for the next bus… You still are used to efficincy after living in Belgium for several years? Wow!

  5. To be honest, I did not check buses at all. The train only takes 30 minutes and at least, I don’t get train sick. Finally, I guess we spent the same time waiting 🙂

    Seriously, talking about trains, I’m pretty much used to efficiency. Especially in Belgium. I never had any problems or delays here so far. Not a single time. Nicht schlecht, oder?

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