How to pretent having a good knowledge of the Spanish language

One of my favourite expressions so far is podria….? – “could you?” With a disculpe – “sorry” at the beginning and a por favor at the end, it sounds really good. Sentences tried so far:

  • Podria darme un mappo del Prado? – Could you give me a map of the Prado?
  • Podria dirme que hora es? – Could you tell me what time it is?
  • Podria cambiar …..? – Could you change I just waved the 2 euro coin I needed to split so that I could use the backpack locker.*

Now I only need to understand the answers which usually are very fast. As long as I understand two or three words, I can normally figure out the rest, compose the answer word by word in my head before uttering it which always causes a noticeable delay in communication. I love it.

* Never underestimate the communicative power of good old “hand-and-foot-language”. It helped me to figure out with a very patient vendor in a backpack shop (mochilla!!!) that my laptop had a size of 15.4 inch.


8 responses to “How to pretent having a good knowledge of the Spanish language

  1. “mapa” not “mappo”!! You can’t just put an “o” at the end of every French/English word… it only works… ehem… 80% of the time.

  2. Your experience sounds like me talking French, especially the not understanding the fast answers part… 🙂 There are bigger versions of churros? Oh my, I need to visit my friend in Madrid for a third time!

  3. Tengo un huncho que eso no trabaja siempre.

  4. @ Zugaldia: Tienes la razon: es mapa pero; so far, I always got a map.

    @ Umwalker: I hope it’s not a sacrilège to say but porras are pretty much like churros. Just bigger. The best is the chocolate anyway, no?

    @ Heinz: Que significa “huncho”? No puedo encontrar una traducion… 😦

  5. I just added an o to “hunch”. Surprisingly that’s one of the … ehem … 20% of cases where this doesn’t work.

  6. @ Heinz: Whether it was on purpose or not; and I rather suppose it was, I really like your sense of humor.

  7. Any sense of humour you might detect is unintentional and accidentally. I treat every aspect of life with the seriousness it deserves.

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