First time

in Spain – in Madrid to be more precis. Alora*? – Me gusta mucho.

  • With the exception of Sunday, the weather is so far the way I hoped for.
  • As Spanish is written everywhere (no need to tell me that I’m stating the obvious), it’s pretty easy to pick up words:
    • Un picnic para llevar (Ham sandwich, with Coke and an apple to take away)
    • Una mochilla para laptop – at the beginning I was asking for un bolso until one guy said the right word for backpack – mochilla)
    • Donde esta el oficina de turismo, por favor?
  • Thanks to a friend who showed me around, I know a few more sentences like
    • La cuenta, por favor
    • Donde es el servicio, por favor?
    • La mejor estacion para ir a Toledo?
  • and I already ate un bocadillo con calamares.

Seriously, I like Spanish a lot and being in Spain for the first time, the vocabulary I had learned in language classes almost 4 years ago is coming back quickly.

Estube una idea muy bien de partir en Espana.**

* I know that this is not Spanish

** Theretically I know where to put the tilde “~” but the keyboard refuses to put them over the “n” and next to it, it just looks crap. Jajaja, special characters, I know – nex time.


5 responses to “First time

  1. If you add another l to alora it’s Italian. And after indulging in my fondness for splitting hairs: ¡Qué lo pases bien!

  2. Gracias para ti comentario! Me gusta ti Haarspalterei por que aprendo mucho esta manera.

  3. Wow, un par de días más y te defenderás mejor que un madrileño de toda la vida!

  4. Ah! You’re in Madrid! Don’t forget to have churros con chocolate for breakfast, and visit San Francisco El Grande church – it’s worth the 3 Euro! Uli

  5. @ Zugaldia: Gracias, pero pienso que necessito mas que un par de dias. Un par de meses quizas 🙂

    @ Umwalker: I went to the San Francisco el Grande Church today – but it was closed…
    And following Zugaldia’s advice, I had porras con chocolate – similar to churros, just bigger. Veeerrry good.

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