Time is not on my side

It’s one of these small, pointless frustrations in life when, after getting up on what seems to be the good time, showering, dressing, having breakfast and being ready to go to work, you realise that the alarm clock was not properly timed and that you are over one hour in advance. Only, that you cannot get into the building that early and it’s not worth going back to bed. And, obviously, Internet is not working at home…


2 responses to “Time is not on my side

  1. Well, there is worse… I have set two alarm clocks to take the TGV at 6.20 a.m. back from Munich to Paris. Only when I was about to leave the apartment, I noticed that I had set the two alarm clocks an hour too late… that was a costly mistake, trying to take a plain or a train on the same day back.

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