A few thoughts on the move

  • Books don’t only multiply their weight during travel, they also multiply in number between moves
  • Les petits riens in Brussels are an excellent way to get rid of cloths and books – it’s sold and the benefit goes into social projects.
  • Even if a box looks very solid from above, it’s definitely worth looking at the bottom before putting books into it.
  • Don’t make boxes heavier than you can lift them. Even if there is still space to put more and more and more stuff.
  • There is almost nothing which cannot be fixed with tape.
  • It’s not a good idea to pack the scissors in a box before the very last one is taped.
  • It’s a full, bold move: Number 12 on the list. Still don’t like to move but: I gonna have a terrace so at least, I know what it’s good for. Now, I only need sunshine…
  • After six years, I either lived in students halls (up to 35 people to share one kitchen) or in shared flats (between one and 8 flatmates), I’m kind of curious to see how it’s gonna be to live on my own.
    • There are some advantages:
      • No discussions, who takes the shower at what time and no arguments about the questions if the dishes should be dried or not (I think they perfectly dry by themselves but not everybody shares this point of view).
      • No dirty kitchen when I want to cook but I can leave my dirty stuff without annoying others.
      • No music/cooking or other noise when you’re just falling asleep.
    • And inconveniences:
      • No leftovers I can finish
      • No one I can ask for bread/eggs/tomatoes/ham/milk/pasta/etc.
      • No nice chatting around the kitchen table when coming home
    • So we will see.
  • FYI: Plants don’t fit into boxes. Though it would be practical if they would. Maybe…

8 responses to “A few thoughts on the move

  1. Oh dear…congratulations on your own place, commiserations on moving again. This comes from someone who firmly believes in the proverb “zweimal umziehen ist wie einmal ausgebombt”.

    I am currently desperately looking for a new housemate…if I fail in this, I will have to move as well, as I could not pay for the place on my own. Fingers crossed.

  2. I did not know this proverb. Where did you get it from? And what does it mean for someone who moved (soon) 12 times in the last 6 years?

    Good luck for finding the housemate. Your looking for someone nice or is it enough if the person is able to pay the rent? Just curious…

  3. Ok, I agree on the books multiplying in weight (speaking as someone who moved on his own 250 books 100 steps up without an elevator), but how did they multiply in numbers? Can you show me that trick? I love books sooooo much, that would save me the money I don’t have to buy them! Uli

  4. Second hand book shops – that’s how they multiply in number. Plus the books I got offered from family and friends.

  5. Sorry for (marginally) increasing the difficulties of your move. I hope you’ll have a good time in your new home.

  6. Hey, I’m not complaining; I’m stating facts. I am the responsible person for this as I choose to keep most of the books – your gift is obviously among the selection 🙂

  7. I got that from a “Personalreferentin” in the Department for International Personnel Transfers of the German MNC where I worked for my PhD research.

    I have lost count of how many times I have moved…certainly a lot more than 12, but then I have a slightly longer mobility history than you 🙂 What does that mean? Let me guess. You do not own a “dreiteilige Sitzgarnitur”. No “klassischen Wohnzimmerschrank”, either. You adapt to a mobile lifestyle. I got so sick of moving all my belongings with my little hatchback that, when it was written off after an accident, I bought a VW-Bus. Ever since, whenever I consider buying (or accepting as a gift) a piece of furniture, my first question is – will it fit into the VW-Bus? If yes – great. If not – sorry, no use. I know you are younger than I am, but still, at our age, some people have long settled, bought (or built) houses, got a “dreiteilige Sitzgarnitur” and a “Wohnzimmerschrank”, a lawnmower, and all sorts of other stuff that will require a professional removal firm should they ever decide to move again. I have never seen your place, but let me guess – you may have shelves (ideally some that can be taken apart and re-assembled), one or more chairs, possibly a small “Kommode”, perhaps a bed, but this would be once more of the “take apart and re-assemble” variety. Maybe you have none of these things and always rent fully furnished. What you do not have is an “EinbaukĂĽche”, a washing machine, a fridge-freezer, or the aforementioned “Wohnzimmergarnitur”. If you had all that stuff that more sedentary people have, you would immediately empathise with the aforementioned proverb. I empathise with it without having all this stuff, simply because I hate moving. (Quite a statement for someone who has been constantly on the move for the past 20 years.) Except for the time when I went to Ireland as an ERASMUS student, I never wanted to move. I always wanted to do something and this something could only be done elsewhere. Moving was always an unintended consequence.

    About the housemate. There is wishful thinking and there is real life. Of course I am looking for someone nice. Sharing a house means sharing a lot of personal space and is – in an entirely asexual way – quite intimate. Obviously, I prefer to share with someone who I can relate to, who I like to share with rather than having to put up with. I have shared houses with some wonderful people in the past and they are still great friends. But if someone came along tomorrow, offering to pay half the rent and does not come across as a complete jerk – would I take him? You bet I would! If the choice is between a “Zweck-WG” and moving out, it is a no-brainer. (Because moving out would mean nothing else but another “Zweck-WG”. Only in a place I like less.)

    What made you decide to go it alone? (Apart from the question of how best to dry dishes?)



  8. I think in the next birthday post, this comment will be referred to as the longest one ever 🙂 After reading it, I fully understand why moving for you is not much of an option for you.

    So, to give you a few insights on my moving record: I never ever owned furniture in my life. I always had a fully furnished place and in my new apartment this extends to forks, towels, hairdryer, nail clipper and much more. I have a fridge, an oven, a microwave, a bath tube (ok, nothing you would move anyway but I love it) and basically everything! And it is nice that I don’t have to share anything anymore. I don’t have to think in advance when I want to take my shower, if I better clean my dishes right now or not, I don’t find the kitchen dirty when coming home… After six years of sharing, I wanted to be on my own. VoilĂ 

    You can count on my fingers crossed for the new flatmate. It’s much better to have a nice person around, I’m speaking from experience 🙂

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