First time ever I saw a website in Inuktitut. Oh, it is also written in English and is about Tiktaalik roseae, a 375 million year old fossil fish, the apparently first ancestor of human kind to have walked on land. But you better read the rest yourself:


4 responses to “Inuktitut

  1. There was an interview with the Professor who does research on it in the Süddeutsche last week:

  2. Yeah, I know. The article was good and that’s why I started googling him. Isn’t the Inuktitut cool?

  3. It’s cool, but it reminds me way too much of mathematics symbols… And I suck in that!

  4. I didn’t think about mathematic symbols at all… It’s rather one of those “initiated only” languages having some mysterious background. That’s probably why I find it so cool…

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