Let the music play

It’s a perfect Sunday afternoon activity to visit the museum of musical instruments in Brussels. Not only that it is located in one of the marvellous Art Nouveau buildings, it also gives you the feeling of doing something cultural valuable while enjoying a reasonable amount of laziness.

The exhibition is quite impressive as it has a huge collection of musical instruments starting something like 700 years BC. It is astonishing to see how creative the human species is when it comes to entertainment. Music instruments have been made of basically any material available: wood, earth, metal, cloth and, before plastic was invented, every usable part of animals.

What’s nice are the head phones through which you can enjoy listening to music played on all the exhibit instruments showing the band-with of music world wide – Chinese temple music, African drums, South American flutes, European folk music, classic music, etc. etc. Alternatively, you realise when watching the exquisitely decorated Cemballo, that music instruments were and are not only designed to entertain but also to demonstrate the wealth and cultural education of its owners.

The best of the museum comes at the top and is the terrace with the nice view over Brussels where you can have a drink after all the exhausting visiting.

Lalalalalala, la puce


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