Happy Birthday


365 posts, 795 comments, 1338 spam comments, 11 categories, 0 tags, 22 months, 12.814 total views, 156 visits the busiest day, new friends, old friends, blogging friends, South Africa, France, Germany and Belgium,  the pleasure of exchanging ideas, nonsense and knowledge, the surprise of enjoying writing an online diary though I never had an offline one and the fact that I’m still very happy with the blog title I choose.

La puce, die Welt and everything else


13 responses to “Happy Birthday

  1. ¡¡¡Gracias por publicar y muchas felicidades!!!

    And good luck when the authentic Die Welt sues you.

  2. Gracias.

    I think if the authentic Welt one day ever sues me, it would mean that this little page has grown up and got really important. So as such, it would be a good sign, no?

  3. I know I’m not good in maths, but you started on 28/11, and celebrate birthday today? Or are you referring to 365 posts? So I seriously have to download the awesome sunset pictures I’ve just been taking and post them, too… Uli

  4. Your maths are perfectly fine. I just think it would have been to easy to have the birthday celebrated on it’s date. The date is random. The fact that it got this old, isn’t. Well, at least I hope so. You’ll see

  5. Almost twice as many spam comments as real ones? That’s bad… No idea if your software allows you to do this, but do you have a “top ten” of spammers? Or a list of categories the spam falls into? Like…online pharmacies, real estate agents, online gambling, pornography,… Seriously, I’d be really curious to know who actually spams you and with what.

    PS: Happy Birthday! I really like the idea of having a random birthday party…seems like Douglas Adams is not totally lost on you after all 😉

  6. I reloaded your site three times before leaving a comment, that should help your statistics.
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  7. @ Maik: I did not find a way of looking up who or what spams this blog most. I always delete spam comments but my memory tells me that’s a lot of car rent stuff and just random spam not using any language I would understand. Actually, sometimes I doubt if it is a language at all.

    And of course Douglas Adams is not lost on me, I would love to see the improbability drive!

    @ Heinz: It helped. Definitely. Though it looks a bit like Mitleid with my poor stats 🙂 Danke schön.

  8. There is no reason for Mitleid or schadenfreude. After all, your blog is worth $ 2,258.16 (http://www.business-opportunities.biz/projects/how-much-is-your-blog-worth/submit/).

  9. But it would be nice to have more thoughtful comments like this one than spam.

  10. Don’t you think so?

  11. Dear Heinz,
    What a nice surprise. Though, with the current $-€ exchange rate… Still, nice to see that is has some value. I’ll make a post of this.

    And yes, definitely, the more comments, the better. Though there seems to be a correlation. The more decent comments I get, the more popular gets the blog, the more spam comments it gets…

    Mais c’est pas grave

  12. Congratulations !
    I might be a little late but anyway I found a little something for you during my vacations.

    Just click here.

  13. C’est trop mignon!! Thank you so much, it’s great. And, as it was a random birthday party, it’s never too late to congratulate!

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