Brussels is a nice and very international city and I really like to live here. But, it rains very very often. And though umbrellas are mostly of a limited use because of the strong wind when it rains, everybody has one. At the end of a usual rainy and windy day, the waste bins are often full of broken umbrellas, but that’s just a note.

However, after managing to get yourself more or less dry and your umbrella home unbroken, you still have to dry it somewhere. And as I can’t put it in the entrance hall nor in the bathroom as I share them with my flatmates, I usually open it in my room and let it to dry. Only, that I’ve been told by more than one (non German) friend that this is bringing bad luck. Pardon?

A quick Google research in English and French gives slightly different reasons where this superstition is coming from. Both are referring to the Egyptians but I leave it up to others to judge which explanation is the most credible.


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