We need some progress here

It seems that the internal market of the European Union still needs some finishing. Though European citizens are allowed to live, work, study and do business throughout the EU, it does not mean that you can just order the computer of your choice wherever you want from. Until today, I actually had the idea that Internet was without borders; unlimited. But no way. If you want to order a new computer online, it has to be in the country you live, because the payment address AND the delivery address have both to be in the same country as the online shop.

What I’m talking about? Well, I really want and need to buy a new computer. BUT, I don’t want a Belgium keyboard (French or German but not Belgium) and I don’t want to go through the trouble of changing the keyboard so I thought I just order it online. Denkste. Of course, I could get my parents to buy it for me and then send it to me but, just to make things even more complicated, the support for “Brand” products bought in Germany, is not valid outside of Germany.

Actually, a friend living here in Brussels bought a laptop in the UK a while ago and having a problem tried to get support through the “Brand” helpline. Online, to get this support, you had to have the product number of your computer saved in the database. If you haven’t… Well, let’s say that it is a long and complicated process to get anything else than an automatic voice on the phone.

I’m aware that I may be a particular client but if I’m not going to pay a hugh amount of money if the product and the service are not exactly the way I want it. So, HP, Dell, Sony and all the others, please get this right, ok? Alternatively, the European Commission could issue a directive forcing them to let me buy a laptop from the German “Brand” website having all customer services garantied?


2 responses to “We need some progress here

  1. Another argument in favour for Dell. I will think about it. Thanks a lot for this!

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