Angel of Death

And suddenly I understood what I hadn’t understood before: I know who, or better what Anton Chigurh is. In “No country for old men”, he is the angel of death. All those who recognise him as what he is have to die. Some very few are lucky enough to escape him – they don’t recognise him so he either flips a coin (the dumb gas station operator) or lets them walk away (the two kids at the end of the movie).

The sheriff, Ed Tom Bell, never looks into the eyes of this angel of death – he survives. The angel kills indifferently, good guys, bad guys, complete strangers having the bad luck of crossing his way. He is not interested in money or drugs, nor in justice. He is not corruptible and he laughs when his victims in their last minute say the sentence “You don’t have to do this”, as by his nature he does not have the choice but killing them.

Not a very pleasant character after all but for me the explanation why there is no end, why it doesn’t make sense. He goes beyond our understanding, beyond the reasonable, the rational; and there is nothing, at least nothing human, which is able to stop him.


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